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Issue 002 December 2011

Asbestos Removal within two “LIVE” Care Homes carried out with No Disruption to Occupants

Following the completion of asbestos removal works to two high profile Care Homes we are proud to announce that everything went like clockwork. The contracts involved a huge amount of pre-planning due to the logistical problems of carrying out removal works throughout occupied residential premises. CORE worked closely on a daily basis with the Care Home site managers to ensure everyone was informed of daily activities and the procedures being carried out. During the contracts duration one of the sites was visited by Local Authority Environmental Health Officers who after carrying out their own audit raised no issues or concerns with any of the work activities being carried out. Both contracts were completed on programme and within budget with no disruption to residents, staff or the daily activities of the Care Homes.


License Renewal due Next Quarter

Come 19th April 2012 a whole 12 months will have passed since being granted our first asbestos license. We have all worked extremely hard and have set down company bench marks which we constantly strive to improve upon to achieve our goal, to be the best we can possibly be within the industry and not just a company that conforms to the minimum requirements/guidelines required to operate. We have had a number of HSE/Local Authority site visits since starting all by different inspectors who will have formed an opinion on how we operate and conduct ourselves. We anticipate that we will still have a number of site visits prior to our license renewal interview so keep up the good work and any suggestions on where we can improve our quality or performance.


New Van Purchased

We have purchased an additional company van (Citroën Nemo) the vehicle will be used by management to enable a more cost effective and environmentally friendly way of travelling to destinations to quote work and audit sites.


New Business Premises Acquired

The company has now acquired business premises in Nechells, although only a shell at the moment we have plans to install an office, kitchen area and a racked out storage facility. We are hoping to relocate and be operating from the new premises in January/February.


Compounds to DCU’s and Skips






As you are all aware it is company policy and a requirement of our insurance that DCU’s and lockable waste containers are secured within a lockable compound or Heras fenced off.

This is not just to prevent against damage and theft but also provides a fixed safety barrier to prevent unauthorised access to third parties.


HSE Prosecutions

Workers exposed to asbestos fibres

A building contractor has been fined £12,000 plus £2,148.50 costs after asbestos containing materials were disturbed. The contractor had failed to undertake an asbestos survey prior to commencement of work which resulted in the building becoming contaminated and construction workers being exposed to asbestos fibres.

University Fined for asbestos failings

A University has been fined £10,000 plus £12,759 costs for putting staff, students and contractors at risk of exposure to asbestos.

The event happened after a lecturer became trapped in a room after the door handle broke. After being released debris was noticed around the door handle which proved to be AIB lining within the door, upon further investigation it was found that a number of areas across the University had been subject to asbestos surveys which had highlighted asbestos containing materials or even debris, yet no remedial action had been taken.

Appointment of New Contracts Manager

The company would like to welcome the arrival of Ken Amos at the start of the New Year.

Ken will be taking the position of Contracts Manager on a three day a week basis, Ken brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from within the industry and will be a valuable asset to the company.

Ken’s role will be to further develop our ever growing client list, overseeing the daily running of contracts and carrying out site audits.

Congratulations to Decklyn

We would all like to congratulate Decklyn on his successful completion of the New Operative Asbestos Training Course. As a new inexperienced Asbestos Operative Decklyn will be further assisted with onsite company training to further his knowledge and to progress his skills within the asbestos industry.

New Clients this Quarter

  • Age Care Old People’s Homes
  • Aston Martin Lagonda
  • Bagnalls
  • BCOP Care Homes
  • Birmingham City Council
  • Middletons
  • Sandwell NHS Trust
  • University Hospital Birmingham


Company Goals for Next Quarter

  • To move into new business premises
  • To undertake employee appraisals
  • To purchase an additional decontamination unit
  • To purchase new corporate clothing
  • To review all company documentation
  • To revise the current company broacher
  • To have a website up and running
  • To appoint an employee to take over the company van
  • To look at joining either ARCA or ACAD


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Issue 001 September 2011

100m Service Duct Project an Enormous Success

After a successful tender stage, Core Environmental where appointed to carry out the removal and re-instatement of 1400m of hardset Asbestos pipe insulation within a 100m Service Duct. The client required the project to be completed within a 10 week heating shutdown programme (8 weeks removal, 2weeks re-instatement).

Core Environmental developed a bespoke programme of works which involved the Service Duct being segregated into two phased areas allowing re-instatement works to 50℅ of the Service Duct to be undertaken 3 weeks earlier than anticipated.

The removal process was carried out using a controlled wetting system, approximately 7,500 litres of a 10-1 dust suppressant and water mix was injected into the Asbestos pipe insulation, in excess of 3000 bags of asbestos waste was removed during the contracts duration.

Upon completion of the removal works Core Environmental applied a 6mm resin floor screed to the complete length of the Service Duct prior to re-insulating the pipework. The project was completed to programme and to budget, we would like to thank all employees involved for their hard work and contribution in making the project an enormous success and a contract that the company can be proud of.

Service DuctNew Company Policy

Mirrors to be installed in dirty end of Air-locks

As part of our continual improvement in achieving industry best practice, we would remind you that installing mirrors into the third stage (dirty end) of CEP’s is now company policy.

This improvement will enable operatives to carry out final visual checks on RPE and coverall hood fitment prior to entering the enclosure. It will also have the reverse effect when leaving the enclosure enabling operatives to check their RPE is free from visual dust/debris during personal decontamination prior to transiting to the mobile hygiene facility.


Health and Safety

HSE Inspectors Entering Enclosures

Further to recent debate regarding HSE inspectors entering an enclosure we would confirm the following:

  • You cannot prevent an inspector from carrying out his duties even if this is entering a “LIVE” enclosure
  • An inspector does not need to provide proof of medical or face fit test certification to enter a “LIVE” enclosure

You should however as a competed person:

  • Advise the inspector that the area is “LIVE” and the stage at which the removal process is at
  • Ensure that the inspector enters/leaves the enclosure via the appropriate decontamination procedures
  • Accompany the inspector at all times whilst on site (including entering “LIVE” enclosures

Should you require any addition clarification on this matter please contact a member of the management team.

Carbon Monoxide Monitors

We would remind you that all decontamination units “MUST” have carbon monoxide monitors fitted (including hired). The monitors are a major safety feature for your protection and “MUST” be checked daily to ensure they are working. They are not there for decoration they are there to save lives. If a monitor is not present or not working the decontamination facility “MUST” not be used until the issue is rectified.

DCU Earthing Rods

When using a generator to power a decontamination unit an earthing rod “MUST” be used and inserted sufficiently into the ground to enable an earth to be formed. All Core decontamination facilities are now equipped with earthing rods and a plugin electrical tester. Additional electrical testers have been issued to site supervisors for use on hired DCU’s

(Earthing rods are not required when power is supplied from the mains as an earth source is already present however the electrical test “MUST” still be carried out)

Plant and Equipment

After a significant investment in excess of £ 20,000.00 in new plant and equipment we would ask that you respect and treat all equipment in a manner you would expect your own tools to be treated.  The plant and equipment provided is essential to carrying out our work actives, any misuse or mistreatment will be regarded as misconduct and will be subject to disciplinary action.  We except all plant and equipment to be clean at all times as company image and presentation is a major factor in repeated business and generating new growth, remember were only as good as our last job!   If there is a fault with any equipment provided inform a member of management to enable the fault to be rectified.


Company Goals for Next Quarter

  • To acquire new business premises
  • To purchase an additional van
  • To invest in the training and development of Decklyn Murtagh to enable his progression from general labourer to new asbestos operative
  • To further develop the insulation side of the company


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